Jazz lovers: an endangered species

milesJazz lovers will slowly die. A prediction made by Arno Prins of Dutch research agency TimBoodle who made a study of the typical musical taste of the Dutch people. Most people tend to stick to the music from their youth which is not jazz anymore. Miles Davis is the most popular jazz artist, among male jazz lovers Weather Report is most popular.


The research was done among 7,800 people of 12 years and older. People were asked about their musical preferences, including 12 subcategories of jazz: nu, cool, free, acid, latin, soul, New Orleans, bebop, hardbop, swing, vocal and fusion jazz. Read more...


The typical jazz lover is a well educated male of 50 years and older. Above 60 years old 10% likes jazz, above 70 years old 20% likes jazz. Older jazz categories like New Orleans have the oldest supporters. However, for younger generations jazz plays a less important role because their favourite music in their youth was in most cases not jazz music.


In the Netherlands their are about 1 million jazz lovers (8% of the participants puts jazz in their top 3 of favourite music genre), 56% are men. Men have more sympathy for instrumental music, women prefer vocal jazz. In general jazz lovers are well educated. The openess towards complex music rises as the education level is rising.


The most popular artist is Miles Davis (1), Chet Baker (2), Ella Fitzgerald (3), Louis Armstrong (4), Weather Report (5). Female put Miles Davis first, male put Weather Report first.


Jazz lovers like pop, classical and blues music too. This is not the other way around. Only blues lovers are more open to jazz.

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